About Me

Chantale Lachance, BA, OCT
Member Of The Ontario College Of Teachers since 1997
Chantale is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a Life Coach, digital litteracy advocate and mom who has helps parents implement the most effective parenting habits and create positive change for families.  She founded The Willow Tree Parenting Effect as a counter effect to the distractions that raising family's in today's digital age can bring.  

Her mission is to offer the manual to raising kids.   Her step by step program transforms caregivers into proactive, effective and confident parents who raise secure, cooperative and socially engaged children.  She also focuses on helping families live simultaneously with technology so that children can be connected to their parents instead of their devices.

Parenting educator Chantale Lachance is a parent herself who realized early on in her parenting experience that she needed to learn effective parenting strategies in order to be successful in raising her two boys.  In the beginning, her focus was on learning tools that fostered good behavior and secure children.  Over time, the powerful distraction of the digital age presented itself and she started to zero in on how to parent her kids so that her family could maintain a sense of togetherness and so that her children could continue to develop critical life and social skills.  Without the proper awareness and plan, your family can easily fall into the rabbit hole of distraction and family disconnection.  Chantale uses a comprehensive, step-by-step system that dissolves the stress and creates harmonious family interactions, allowing parents to enjoy their most important job: Raising awesome kids